Holiday Announcement of 2017 Spring Festival

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All departments:
The Spring Festival of 2017 is approaching. In order to make all the staff enjoy a happy Spring Festival, under the State Council of the holiday spirit, our company has made a holiday announcement in advance, in combination with the practical situation of the company.

First, the company is scheduled for a 12-day holiday which is from 24, Jan. to 4,Feb. This holiday contains 3-day statutory holiday, two 2-day weekends and 5-day annual leave.
Second, please all the staff properly arrange your work before holiday, and clean up  personal garbage before you leave. At the same time, all the staff should finish security check. All departments should put file in order, record all files,and put the important files and valuables on the safety in case of being stolen. What’s more, you should make sure that all doors and windows are locked , all powers are off, and seals are stuck.
Third, during the holiday, there is a high frequency of accidents. So,we notice that the colleagues who go home pay attention to personal and property security and go back to the company on time when holiday finishes.
Fourth,We will be back to work on 5,Feb. All the staff can’t ask for leave only if you are in special situation. Then, please all the staff prepare for returning to the company in advance at the end of holiday.
 At last , we wish all the staff enjoy a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year 

Wuhan Easy-Sight Technology Co., Ltd
29, Dec, 2016