The cctv pipeline inspection is mainly used for precise TV detection of interior conditions of urban drainage pipelines, known as “pipeline CCTV detection” in the industry. For the interior conditions of pipeline, it can realize the operations of real-time image monitoring, recording, video playback, snapshot and video file storage, so that the interior conditions of pipeline can be known without personal entry into the pipeline. As a result, it provides important basis for making maintenance and repair programs.


  • Water supply pipeline
  • Industrial pipeline
  • Gas pipeline
  • Petroleum pipeline


① A notebook computer replaces traditional dedicated host which has strong portability high replacement rate
②Front and rear sights can be displayed on the same display interface at the same time and interior pipeline conditions can be seen completely.
③Front sight: 4 mega pixels rear sight: 1 mega pixelspipeline
④ Front sight is configured with 12 LED spotlights and 6 LED floodlights and detection picture is free of shadow. Rear sight is configured with 2 LED floodlights and reverse picture is clear.


1、The crawler is designed on the basis of quick disassembly and suitable for the following pipe diameter: 200-3000 mm
2、Quick disassemblyuitable
Crawler can be quickly disassembled into crawler main body and lifting part. The crawler main body can be used together with a rotating camera lens to suit smaller pipe diameter.
3、Two-core cablend lifting part
4、two-core cable has stronger tensile and bending resistance which greatly reduces joint failure rate.ns to suit smaller pipe diameter.


  • X5-W2 pipeline robot

    X5-W2 pipeline robot

  • X1-H Quickview

    X1-H Quickview

  • X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection

    X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection