The X5 pipeline CCTV detection robot is a precise TV detector mainly used for interior conditions of urban drainage pipelines, known as “pipeline CCTV detection” in the industry. For the interior conditions of pipeline, it can realize the operations of real-time image monitoring, recording, video playback, snapshot and video file storage, so that the interior conditions of pipeline can be known without personal entry into the pipeline. As a result, it provides important basis for making maintenance and repair programs. 
This product has been discontinued,
please understand the X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection:


  • Sewage pipeline
  • Rainwater pipeline
  • Water supply pipeline
  • Fire-fighting pipeline


1、Interpretation on site efficient detection
2、the slope of the curve the deposition profile view
3、support for panoramic detection
4、software support GB CJJ181-2012 \ Shanghai standard \ Guangzhou Standard \ north standard four enterprise standard
5、CE FCC certification
6、the State Photoelectron Quality Inspection Center authoritative report


Protection class: IP68 can be used in 10 meters water depth airtight protection;

Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

Compatibility: can be loaded into the same brand  different types of crawler

Integration: integrated display capture storage playback and other functions in one machine using the photoelectric knob button in same operation;

Screen: 8.4-inch industrial-grade full-color widescreen 1000cd sun-readable;
Power: Built-in high-energy lithium battery work lasts about 8 hours charger regulator configuration can be powered directly;
System: LINUX operating system pre-installed panoramic borehole TV capture software;
Real-time synchronization: You can expand the images and panoramic images in real-time synchronous capture store operations;
Data Playback: You can browse manage or playback the collected data files.




  • X5-W2 pipeline robot

    X5-W2 pipeline robot

  • X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection

    X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection