It adopts chassis of JMC, IVECO, etc. and meets National IVand VDrainage Standards, and both gasoline and diesel models are available. The truck is integrated with the detection devices of pipeline periscope, pipeline CCTV detection robot, pipeline profile sonar imager and equipped with the facilities of generator, cleaning system, crane, special computer for data processing, display screen, etc., so it can cope with various pipelines (of different diameters and at different water levels) for comprehensive detection, diagnosis and detection result output. The truck has the features of complete devices and facilities, reasonable planning of functional areas, wide applicable range, power ability of comprehensive detection, etc. 


  • Sewer pipeline


Ø The improved facilities and equipment
Ø Reasonable functions Regional Planning
Ø wide range of applications
Ø Strong comprehensive testing capability
Ø support programs tailored


1. The power supply system: Yamaha generators, Panasonic batteries, Hills Power;
2. Distribution System: switching power supply, electrical exhaust fan, LED lights, white lights, security monitor, audio and video distributor, ceiling displays, LCD monitors, drinking fountains, socket, leakage protection switch, voltage meter, Mini transformers, cigarette lighter socket, control panel, desktop computers, notebook computers, cleaning etc;
3. Generator warehouse systems: nacelle assembly;
4. The partition system: the glass partitions, sliding windows and wooden clapboard assembly;
5. Office System: assembly desk, office desk panel, stainless steel, straps and other equipment;
6. The auxiliary systems: mainframe computer mounting bracket, the controller mounting bracket, fixed tray crawler, UPS mounting bracket, tripod boom, stainless steel equipment mounting bracket, mounting brackets, stainless steel water tanks;
7. Other systems: toolbox, CCTV robot, pipeline sonar detection system, fire extinguisher and bracket assembly, the appearance of words such as stickers;




  • X5-W2 pipeline robot

    X5-W2 pipeline robot

  • X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection

    X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection