Pipeline periscope is mainly used for quick detection and diagnosis of interior conditions of industrial containers, buildings or pipelines. Interior structural defects and functional defects of pipelines and containers can be clearly shown by placing a camera probe with light source into the pipelines or industrial containers through a control rod.


  • Sewage pipeline
  • Rainwater pipeline
  • Water supply pipeline
  • Fire-fighting pipeline


Without connecting cables between the probe and the controller through the wireless to capture video and i control.
Using industrial-grade three anti-flat as the controller weighing only 630g offers two kinds of straps and suspenders worn ways.
3、High Precision
Using more precise laser ranging ranging accuracy mm grade


•Suitable diameter: 100mm~2000mm;
•High precision
Laser ranging with higher precision is adopted and ranging precision is mm level.
•High-brightness touch screen
8.1-inch multipoint touch capacitance screen is adopted and screen resolution is 1200*800.
•High IP grade
The IP grade of probe is IP68 and it can be soaked in 10-m deep water for  long time
The IP grade of host is IP67 dust ingress can be effectively prevented the host can be soaked for 30 min in 1 m deep water and anti-crash and vibration etc.
•High-capacity storage
64G solid-state disk + 64G TF card are standard and the TF card can be extended infinitely.
•High-definition camera
1920*1080P high-definition camera is adopted and has 2.1 mega pixels.
•High-brightness combination light source
Main and auxiliary light sources are adopted wherein the main light source includes 6 10W LEDs with condensing cups and the auxiliary light source includes 8 3W LED floodlights. The brightness of the main and auxiliary light sources can be adjusted respectively.


  • X5-W2 pipeline robot

    X5-W2 pipeline robot

  • X1-H Quickview

    X1-H Quickview

  • X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection

    X5-HS cctv pipeline inspection